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To enquire about a place at Chesil Bank Pre-School 

Please call 01305 871932 during opening hours

(out of hours contact Pip on 07786168142)




Our Pre-School  was awarded a ‘GOOD’ Grading in the Ofsted Inspection in May 2017

In the Ofsed Report, the Inspector recorded that ‘dedicated staff ensure children make good progress in their learning and development in this caring and happy pre-school’  and rated the quality of teaching as ‘very good’.

The Inspector reported that Chesil Bank Pre-School ‘provides an extensive range of high quality resources that offer children exciting learning experiences.’ 

The Inspector went on to say that ‘ Children blossom due to the caring nature of all those around them and some lovely experiences staff create to enhance their lives and learning.’ The Inspector noted how staff ‘ Skillfully weave individual goals into their planning so that opportunities to challenge and extend children are provided.’

The inspector judged some areas of the Pre-School provision as ‘Outstanding’ or ’Excellent’, including the Pre-School garden with its wide range of activities and resources and beautiful array of colorful plants. The Inspector also found ‘outstanding partnerships’ and ‘excellent communication’ between staff, parents and carers.

The Inspector also reported on how staff are clearly focused on making every effort to keep children safe and feeling secure at all times. 'Children's needs are effectively met, providing them with a secure base from which to explore their environment further and develop greater confidence.'





From our little acorns do mighty oaks grow

What makes a child a happy, successful learner at Pre-School?
Planting the seed of learning, nurturing it with encouragement, praise and positivity.

At Chesil Bank Pre-school we make sure your child is safe, happy and ready to learn through play. We see each child as an individual and encourage their growth with kindness, dedication and reward, whilst feeding them with a growing knowledge of social rules. We value playing in the fresh air, with plenty of time spent in our outdoor area, climbing, riding, playing in the sand, scooting, running and tending to our garden. We even use the fruits (and veg!) of our labours in our weekly cooking sessions. Set in the delightful village of Abbotsbury we regularly go on walks and outings- after all, we are in one of the UK’s most beautiful places!

Inside, we have great fun with dressing up, play dough, a‘home corner’, painting, crafts, number-work, shared reading and songs. We have special workshops with arts and music professionals, where our children branch out and flower with new materials and innovative techniques.

 We follow the framework set out in the Department of Education Early Years Foundation Stage, which advises professionals in early years settings on how best to help and support young children's learning and development. The Foundation Stage was developed by early years experts and parents and in 2012 placed greater emphasis on shared learning and the role of the parent in their child's development.

Many of our parents come from outside our immediate area, as they recognise that what we provide is seldom available in other settings. So if you think your child would benefit from the unique and welcoming care of Chesil Bank Pre-School, just contact 01305 871932 for a visit.

From little acorns do mighty oaks grow, and we can’t wait to see how your child will flourish!